Parenting through challenging times

Publication date: 13 December 2017

"Being a parent or caring for children is challenging, rewarding, exhausting and fulfilling all at once"

Parenting through challenging times is a new Matua Raḵi resource that was launched at Addiction Leadership Day in Christchurch. The resource (part of the Supporting Parents, Healthy Children programme of work) aims to support parents or carers to talk to their children/tamariki in an age appropriate way about challenges that might be occurring in the family and whānau; and build healthy strong relationships with their children/tamariki.

There is a focus on building support networks; having routines as well as fun times; having difficult conversations; and what to do if there are concerns about the children. The resource may also be used by mental health and or addiction practitioners to discuss parenting in a positive and strengths-focussed way, with the people they are working with on daily basis.

The resource also includes four stories from parents who experience mental health and or addiction challenges, and how they deal with these alongside parenting. It also provides a range of further support options, so parents can access further help if required. 

The resource is available for download below.