Integrated care for recovery and wellbeing symposium - videos

Publication date: 23 June 2016

The Integrated Care for Recovery and Wellbeing Symposium was held on 12 May 2016. The focus of the day was integrated, best practice care for people who have complex co-existing problems (CEP).

The keynote presentations from the day can be viewed below.

Terry Huriwai of Te Rau Matatini welcomed participants to the symposium and provided a brief introduction and overview of the history the co-existing problems focussed work by the workforce development centres. 

Ashley Koning (Matua Raḵi) and Suzette Poole (Te Pou) introduced a brief video that highlights the resources available through the workforce development centres to support the development of CEP responsive services and a CEP capable workforce.

Andre McLaclan of Hauora Waikato presented on a project he led developing a youth alcohol and other drug model of care for the Waikato region. The cornerstone of the model is the need to develop collaborative relationships between services in order to provide integrated care for rangitahi.

Michelle Fowler of the Werry Centre presented about her role at Youth Specialty Services (YSS) and her work in the Christchurch Youth Drug Court. Using a case study Michelle described what high quality integrated care requires in terms of collaboration between services across the health and social services spectrum and what outcomes are possible.

Please note as this was a live event the quality of the audio is variable but can be understood ok.