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A guide to reducing or stopping mental health medication - notes for prescribers

These notes are written to augment the information for consumers in - A guide to reducing or stopping mental health medication. They are intended for any prescribers helping someone stop their mental health medication, but it is anticipated they will be most useful for general practitioners.

Published | 16 October 2017

A guide to reducing or stopping mental health medication

For some people, reducing or stopping mental health medication can be difficult. The purpose of this guide is to give you information that can help you to come off your medication. It does not deal with the decision to reduce or stop taking medication, which ideally should be made in conjunction with your health care workers and key support people.

Published | 11 October 2017

Growing dedicated peer and consumer roles in addiction services

Recovery can be infectious. Simply seeing a person living in recovery – when they have travelled a road similar to your own - can be life-changing.

Published | 19 September 2017

Published | 7 September 2017

Matua Raḵi newsletter August 2017

Wellbeing in the workforce - other stories include: International Drug Symposium, Stories from family and whānau.

Published | 17 August 2017

We are family: stories of family and whānau affected by someone else's use of alcohol or other drugs

These are stories of courage and hope, people sharing their journey with us and providing an antidote to the shame and stigma that keeps people isolated. We are connected through story. We see ourselves on the page and know we are not alone. There is hope.

Published | 2 August 2017