Workforce data

Information on data about the addiction workforce.

More than numbers is a project to gather and share data on New Zealand's adult mental health and addiction service workforce.
New Zealand’s health services face a mismatch of service demand, supply and affordability. This is forcing the sector to consider new and innovative ways of funding and delivering health services so that more people can be seen closer to home at a lower cost and with good outcomes. To prepare for this future, we need a clear picture of what the workforce currently looks like.
In 2014 More than numbers surveyed vote health DHB and NGO adult mental health and addiction organisations.

Workforce reports

National reports

National reports focusing on the addiction workforce and the mental health workforce are available. The addiction report is below, and the mental health report is available on the Te Pou website

Summary visual reports are also available below.

A national report and summary document describing the health funded addiction and mental health workforce will be available in September.

Regional, DHB and workforce group reports

You can access a number of workforce reports for your region and DHB district, and a selection of workforce groups from the Te Pou website.

Snapshot of the workforce

  • 10,845 people are employed in adult mental health and addiction services.
  • 1,317 FTEs are in addiction teams.
  • 515 FTEs are in mental health and addiction teams.
  • 7,097 FTEs are in mental health teams.
  • The addiction workforce is split almost evenly between NGO and DHB services.
  • 68 per cent of the addiction workforce are in clinical roles.

Organisations can contact Te Pou for support using the results in their workforce planning.

More than numbers is led by Te Pou and Matua Raḵi with support from Te Rau Matatini, Werry Centre and Le Va.