Cultural competency

Engaging and working effectively with Māori.

The Matua Raḵi programme supports services and practitioners to engage and work effectively with a range of people from diverse cultures and to recognise the impact culture has on:

  • presentation and symptoms
  • use of substances
  • spirituality
  • family and whānau involvement in recovery and wellness.

Working with Māori: Modules 1 and 2

Learn how to work effectively with Māori to improve health outcomes

  • Working with Māori is a series of interactive cultural competency e-learning tools aimed to increase the cultural competency of the health workforce.
  • The purpose of these tools is to assist workers to increase their understanding of working effectively with Māori tāngata whai ora and whānau to improve health outcomes.

Complete Working with Māori: modules 1 and 2

Takarangi Competency Framework

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