CEP e-learning: Screening and brief intervention

This e-learning course introduces learners to the use of:

  • standardised tools to screen for the presence of substance use, gambling and mental health problems
  • brief interventions for substance use, gambling and mental health problems.

The use of standardised screening tools can help health workers unfamiliar with potential problematic gambling, mental health or substance use to identify areas of possible concern. Issues identified through screening can be addressed through a brief intervention if they are mild, or referral to a specialist service if they are more complex. 

Learning objectives for this module

1.    Introduce learners to the:

  • ASSIST to screen for substance use
  • EIGHT to screen for gambling
  • Modified MINI to screen for mental health.

2.    Provide an opportunity to practice using the screening tools that are appropriate to their area of work, for example use of the ASSIST in a mental health setting or the modified MINI in an addiction setting.

3.    Encourage the routine use of standardised screening tools in all mental health and addiction services.

4.    Support the recognition of and responsiveness to co-existing problems.

5.    Introduce a model of brief intervention that can be adapted to a range of circumstances and needs.

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