Robyn Shearer

Chief executive

As chief executive I provide strategic leadership to ensure we are being responsive to sector issues. I work with funders to get a programme delivered that is tailored to the needs of services and also links back to policy implementation.

My role is similar to the conductor in an orchestra where I need to ensure that everyone is clear on our purpose, we work in harmony and deliver a performance that makes people want to come back for more!

I report to the Te Pou board of directors which is chaired by Julie Nelson. The board works with me to set the direction of our work in line with the requirements established by our funders.  A large part of my role is relationship management and overseeing the management team that runs our operational activity. 

I have worked in the mental health and addiction sector for more than 30 years.  I am a registered comprehensive nurse and have worked in clinical leadership and management roles in district health board services.  I took up the challenge of implementing national workforce development with the Health Research Council in 2002 then moved to the Ministry of Health in 2004.

I led the development of the national mental health workforce plan (Tauawhitia te Wero) for the Ministry of Health as well as the development of the ‘Lets get real’  framework. In my last year at the Ministry I took up the role as acting deputy director-general for the Mental Health Group.

I came to Te Pou as chief executive in 2008 and have loved the challenges of working in a vibrant and innovative organisation that puts policy into practice and supports the challenge of better, sooner, more convenient health and disability services.